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Alberten Work-Group Sp. z o.o. was established in 2009. The current president of the company began his business with one vehicle and worked in the company as the driver. Our ability to make strategic decisions and systematic work enabled us to strengthen our position in the transport market. In 2013 the company moved to Poznań and developed as a small F&F company (family and friends). The team-oriented work based on the mutual trust enables us to obtain the high-level performance of the entrusted tasks. The entire order fulfilment process, starting from its acceptance through performance to the provision of documentation to the customer, is precise and reliable. This is proved by positive opinions expressed by users of freight exchanges and by long-term relationships with our regular business partners. Our drivers fluently speak English and German, our forwarders ensure the highest quality of order performance, whereas our office staff efficiently handles documentation and treats each customer individually. We render transport services to companies and individuals. So far, we have been to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK, France, Benelux and Spain.

Dokąd możemy pojechać dla Ciebie?

We have a modern fleet of vehicles that ensures safety and maximally shortens the delivery of your goods to the destination. The fleet of our vehicles comprises various types of vans such as Ford, Iveco Daily, manufactured in 2011 and 2012. The maximum load-carrying capacity is 1.5 tonnes or 5 to 10 Euro pallets, depending on the model. We provide full and part truckload services and carry neutral or dangerous goods by road (ADR). All our vehicles are monitored 24 hours a day by the GPS navigation system that allows us to localize the entrusted goods. The customer, upon its request, may monitor the vehicle carrying its goods.

We added to our offer a new service – courier services. This service is addressed to those customers who want to dispatch their goods safely and quickly. It takes you a few minutes to prepare the shipping documents with the assistance of our employee who calls you. The courier will collect your goods from the indicated address and deliver them to any place in Poland or abroad. The maximum weight of your order is as much as 1500 kg – let’s imagine what you can ship with our help! Since each vehicle is equipped with the modern GPS system, you can track your order from the starting point to the destination. Sounds interesting, doesn’t? Check us out!

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If you are interested in cooperating with our company for a long time, we are able to adjust our vehicles to your requirements.



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